How to save favorites in Cinema Box app

This tutorial is a guide which will help you know how to save favorites in Cinema Box app. Follow our easy step by step guide so you can figure out a way to end your misery.

cinema box how to save favorites

Cinema Box is a highly recommended multimedia application that houses a big collection of HD videos including movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Anime and much more exciting content.

Why is this app so popular?

cinema box

This app has been grabbing attention worldwide. It formerly came by the name Playbox.

The name was then changed to its current name.

The most amazing thing about this application is that it is totally free to use. It offers premium services to its users – the kind of services which you had to pay for previously.

If you’re a movie enthusiast, this app is a dream come true for you. All the videos available on it are 720p HD.

The app delivers a quality experience to its users at zero cost. What else one could ask for?

Before we get started with our tutorial, let’s take a closer look at the features of this amazing application. The section below is a must read for those unaware of the wonders of Cinema Box.

Top features of Cinema Box

By now you do have a basic idea about the app by reading our introductory section. Now let’s take an extensive look at some of the key features that this app has to offer.

  • This application is free to use.
  • It supports both Android and iOS platforms.
  • This app is completely safe from malware and viruses.
  • All content is in High Definition.
  • There is a kid’s mode for child protection from harmful content.
  • Allows movie downloads for offline viewing.
  • It supports subtitles.
  • You can use sharing features such as Choremecast, Apple TV, and wifi sharing.

You can also use this app on your PC/laptops by using an Android emulator. It runs perfectly well and delivers the same quality if not better.

Thank you for your patience people, wait no more! Read the tutorial section below to find out how to save favorites in Cinema Box app. 

How to save favorites in Cinema Box App

Adding favorites means that you can mark some videos as favorites so you can access them easily. You won’t have to go through the search again to watch these videos at a later time.

Many regular Cinema Box users had been asking this question about saving favorites in this application. It is very simple indeed.

Just read the following steps to understand how it’s done.

  • Open the home screen of the application.
  • Select the movie or TV series that you wish to add to your favorites list.
  • Now click on the star symbol at the top right corner of the screen. See the image favorites in cinema box app
  • Access the favorites section to confirm that the video has appeared there.

That’s all. See how simple and easy it was. I’m sure now that you’re familiar with how to save favorites you won’t have to go over the entire content to find your movie again.

I’m sure now that you’re familiar with how to save favorites on Cinema Box app. You won’t have to go over the entire content to find your favorite movie again.

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